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TC45 Long Range PTZ Thermal Camera
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TC45 Long Range PTZ Thermal Camera
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    • NETD 50mk enhance the imaging details even in foggy/rainy/snowy weather.
    • AS optical zooming lens and 3CAM high-precision optomechanical design suit for large-scale monitoring.
    • Non-uniform image correction technology, stable working temperature without TEC, good image uniformity and dynamic range.
    • SDE digital image processing, no image noise, 10 pseudo color and B/W.
    • One integral aluminum alloy housing, rated IP 66.


    Oilfield, railway & freeway, river & lake, seaport & airport, forest fire prevention, city safety.

    Model TC4307A TC4511A TC4412A TC4516A TC4519A
    Detection Vehicle:6500m Vehicle:8600m Vehicle:10000m Vehicle: 13000m Vehicle: 16400m
      Human:2500m Human:3400m Human:4000m Human: 4800m Human: 5800m
    Identification Vehicle:1800m Vehicle:2400m Vehicle:2800m Vehicle:3400m Vehicle:4200m
      Human:700m Human:900m Human:1000m Human:1300m Human: 1600m
    Sensor 5th generation UFPA sensor
    Resolution 336*256 pixel (640*512 optional)
    Spectral 7.5~14μm
    NETD 50mK (@25℃ F1.0)
    Focal length 25~75mm 21~105mm 30~120mm 31~155mm 38~190mm
    FOV(H) 13°~4.3° 18°~3.4° 11°~2.8° 11.2°~2.2° 9.5°~1.9°
    Spatial resolution 0.22~0.68mrad 0.17~0.85mrad 0.14~0.57mrad 0.11~0.55mrad 0.09~0.45mrad
    Lens control Motorized zoom and focus(optional auto focus)
    Lens design 1.       AS+DOE Advanced optical design,High infrared transmittance
    2.       Using 3CAM High Precision design and process technology. Zoom without virtual focus
    Image processing 1.  Stable operational temperature without TEC, starting time less than 4 seconds
    2.  SDE digital image processing
    3.  10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse
    4.  AGC
    5.  2X digital amplification
    Housing 1.   Material:High strength aluminum alloy shell,waterproof seal,To avoid the growth of mold and moisture generated
    2.   Structure:Integrated single-window design
    3.   Surface coating:PTA three-resistance coating, Seawater corrosion resistance(Optional: Stainless steel housing)
    4.   Built-in thermostat, design of thermal equilibrium
    5.   Interface:Aviation waterproof plug
    PToptional 1.  Duty: 20kg
    2.  Rotation:  Pan: 0~355°, Tilt: -60~+10°
    3.  Rotation speed: Pan: 9°/S, Tilt: 4°/S,
    4.  Preset 32(Optional variable speed PT)
    Interface 1.   RS-485(PELCO D protocol, baud rate 2400bps
    2.   Remote OSD setting
    3.  PAL/NTSC video output
    4.  AC24V ( DC12V optional)
    5.  Waterproof connector
    Environment 1.   Operating temperature:-25℃~+55℃(-40℃ optional)
    2.   Storage temperature:-35℃~+75℃
    3.   Humidity:<90%
    4.   Anti-lighting:built-in auto Fuse-protected device, Power 4000V,Signal 2000V
    5.   Ingress protection:IP66

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