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TRC Series Multi-Spectrum Camera
  • TRC 11
TRC Series Multi-Spectrum Camera
  • TRC 11


    •  Integrating visible camera, laser illuminator and thermal camera, TRC camera is capable of monitoring in black/foggy/rainy environment.
    •  NETD of thermal camera is up to 35mk.
    •  Penetrating fog(option), optical filtering in day time and DSP image process technology enhance the image details.
    •  Multi-video color mode. Thermal camera has 9 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse color mode.
    •  360°continuously rotation PTZ with load duty up to 50kg;
    •  One integral aluminum alloy housing, IP66 ingress protection, waterproof, dustproof.


    Border defense, railway&expressway security, seaport&airport security, city security, forest fire prevention, river&lake monitoring.
    Type TRC4105S-2013-IP TRC4307S-2055-IP TRC4510S-2075-IP
    Detection Vehicle: 4200m
    Human: 1640m
    Vehicle: 6500m
    Human: 2500m
    Vehicle: 8600m
    Human: 3400m
      5th generation uncooled FPA sensor Resolution        336×256 pixel
    Spectral range 7.5~14μm, NETD 50mk
    Thermal camera 50mm 25mm~75mm 21mm~105mm
      1. Electric zoom and focus
    2. Special AS & DOE optical zooming lens
    3. 3CAM high-precision optomechanical design
    Field of view 6.5°×4.8°  13°~4.3°        18°~3.4°
    IFOV 0.34mrad 0.22~0.68mrad 0.17~0.85mrad
    Image processing                         SDE digital image processing
           10 pseudo color and B/W, B/W inverse
    AGC & 2X digital amplification
    Consumption 6W, 808nm, NIR 10W, 808nm, NIR 15W, 808nm, NIR
    Laser angle 1.5°~20° 0.7°~20° 0.5°~20°
    Cooling Package 1.filled with inert gas seal to prevent oxidation
    2.Laser with distributed design with more cooling capacity
    Angle and distance matching 1. Automatic tracking or manual fine-tuning intelligent matching
    2. DSS digital stepper illumination angle control, unique laser angle and distance matching technology, min 0.1°follow-up zooming
    3. Z-super laser angle and magnification matching algorithm, the tracking response time <30ms
    4. 0.01°SLM optical axis aiming and locking
    CCD 1/2.8'' CMOS 0.005lux low illumination color to B/W 1/1.8''  CMOS 0.0002lux Star Ultra low-light color
    1.  2 megapixel HD, 1920*1080,Automatic ICR switch
    2.  H.264/MPEG4/MIPEG H.264 video format
    3.  Video bit rate 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps, 60Hz30 frames / sec
    4.  Support SD card local storage
    5. ABF Auto Back Focus adjustment function                   
    Visible Lens 1.  8~130mm
    2.  F2.2~360
    3.  FOV (H)43°~2.8°
    4.  Close-up  1.5m
    5.  HD infrared correction
    2. F4.5~360
    4. Close-up 3 meter
    5. 105mm Large Aperture
    1.  30~750mm
    2.  F4.6~360
    3.  FOV (H)11°~0.5°
    4.  Close-up  2.5 meter
    5.  105mm Large Aperture
    Motorized & manual focus,  DC8-12V, auto iris, (optional auto focus), DC5V precision potentiometers preset positions, zoom focus feedback
    Fog penetration Optical filtering and AFR image processing technology
    Housing 1. Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel fasteners, anti strong winds.
    2. Structure: integrated design,
    3. The surface coating: PTA three anti-paint, anti-seawater corrosion
    4. Protection grade: IP66, waterproof and dustproof
    5.Interface: Aviation waterproof plug
    PT 1,Load duty:30kg
    Pan 360°continuously
     Tilt: +40°~-45°
    3,Speed: pan 0.01~30°/S, Tilt 0.01~15°/S
    4,Preset : 80,Patrol & Scan
    5,Orientation and angle  real-time display, with zero correction
    1,Load duty:50kg
    2,Angle:Pan 360°360°continuously
     Tilt: +40°~-45°
    3,Speed: pan 0.01~30°/S, Tilt 0.01~15°/S
    4, Preset : 80,Patrol & Scan
    5,Orientation and angle  real-time display, with zero correction
    Interface 1. Intelligent IP box, one 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port (containing visible thermal image + HD + RS485 control), AC24V / DC24V,
    2. (Optional) Reserved RS422 / 485 and analog video, azimuth return for radar, GIS linkage position, or third-party intelligent analysis
    3,Military-grade waterproof aviation plug
    Protocol 1.TCP / IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP and other network protocols
    2. Support ONVIF2.0
    3,Pelco-P, Pelco-D and other industry-standard protocol, (optional) Baud rate  2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
    Power AC24V / DC24V ± 10%, 50Hz, 150W, standard AC220V-> AC24V adapter
    (Optional DC12V power supply, RC2013 only use AC24V, not DC power supply)
    Environmental Indicators 1. Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
    2. Storage temperature: -35 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
    3. Humidity: <90%
    4. Ingress Protection: IP66
    Weight ≤30kg ≤40kg ≤50kg

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