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ZTRC Dome Multi-spectrum Photoelectronic Platform
ZTRC Dome Multi-spectrum Photoelectronic Platform


    ZTRC Series Multi-spectrum Optical Electronical Platform combines visible camera, NIR laser camera and thermal camera that suit long distance monitoring in total darkness and foggy/rainy environment. It has a U shape housing and with military quality, the camera is widely applied to coastal security, seaport surveillance, airport security, Forest fire prevention and city outlook. In the day time, HD lens and 440000 pixel/1.3 mega pixel/ 2 mega pixel color to B/W CCD works. At night, the 320*240/640*480 high sensitive uncooled thermal camera and 1~5km NIR illuminator works. The multi- spectrum photoelectronic platform can monitor a region of 15km in 24 hours.
    Internal industrial-grade embedded electronic control system support the ZTRC operation: zoom, focus, video switch, pan tilt. The integral aluminum alloy housing IP66 makes sure outdoor long running.


    •  Proper functioning in severe environment: reinforced aluminum alloy housing.
    •  Conformal coating, anti-seawater corrosion, spherical housing reduces wind resistance (33m/s wind).
    •  High-precision locating: the high-precision electric motor and angle encoder ensures ±0.05°locating tolerance.
    •  Real-time feedback of direction, rotation speed, focal length and focusing data ensures precise track .
    •  High load duty: it can carry 60X visible camera, heavy caliber thermal camera and high-power laser illuminator.
    •  Realizing more than 10 km detection distance.
    •  Max rotation speed 45°/s, min rotation speed 0.1°/s.
    •  Pan rotation angle range 0-340°, tilt rotation angle range ±45°.
    •  Integrating thermal camera, visible camera, NIR laser illuminator, PTZ and decoder.
    •  The camera is capable of conducting long range monitoring in all black or foggy/rainy environment.
    •  One integral aluminum alloy housing, waterproof, IP66 ingress protection, dustproof.


    Border defense, lake&river monitoring, airport security, city security, forest-fire prevention.
    Model ZTRC
    Shape U shape & Dome Shape housing,
    Multi-dimensional free-form surface shape resisting 33m/s wind.
    Load duty 50 kg
    Rotation speed Pan: 0.01°~45°/S;  Tilt: 0.01°~45°/S;(optional 200°/S )
    PT            Pan: 0~360° ; Tilt: -45°~+45°(optional +90 )
    Preset 200
    PT position back sending 0.01°accuracy , real-time back up
    Smart features 1. Automatic Patrol : 8 path, 10 patrol positions/path
    2. Automatic homing can be set from 1 to 60 minutes
    3. Auto Scan: 1
    Interface 1.1 channel 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port (containing visible thermal image + HD + RS485 control), 1 AC24V / DC24V,
    2. (Optional) Reserved RS422 / 485 and analog video, azimuth return for radar, GIS linkage position, or third-party intelligent analysis
    3. Military-grade waterproof aviation plug
    Protocol 1.TCP / IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, RTP and other network protocols
    2. Support ONVIF2.0
    3. Pelco-P, Pelco-D and other industry-standard protocol, baud rate 2400,4800,9600,19200 alternative, proprietary protocols can be customized
    Enhancements Lens defrost, air-cooled shields, heating function to achieve automatic control and heated open at -35 degrees
    Power supply AC220V±20%
    Turntable rotation power can be controlled in 120W,
    maximum power consumption 150W,
    stationary machine power 45W, heating 150W
    Environmental indicators 1. Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
    2. Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
    3. Humidity: <90%
    4. Protection: IP66
    Weight 115KG( 65kg for vehicle mounted)
    Dimension Ф554mm×H705mm
    Thermal camera Optional 320X240/640X512 sensor, 25~75mm,21~105mm, 31~155mm,38~190mm,21~210mm, 95/285mm lens
    Visible camera Optional 12~320mm,15~500mm,30~750mm、16.7-1000mm, 2 mega pixel CCD
    Laser illuminator Optional 1000m/2000m/3000m/5000m laser illuminator
    Tracking optional tracking module, manual, automatic, radar linkage tracking, automatic tracking over the top.
    LRF Optional 5km,8km,15km Pulsed laser ranger, 1.57um eye-safe laser range, accuracy 3 m, repetition rate 10 beats / min
    GPS Positioning accuracy 10 meters, optional Compass positioning, accuracy 0.001s, detection -148dBm, tracking -165dBm
    Electronic compass range 0-360°, precision 1°, Resolution 0.1°

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