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GTRC Vehicle Mount Optical System
  • GTVC1
GTRC Vehicle Mount Optical System
  • GTVC1


    • Consist of infrared thermal imaging, visible light camera, laser illuminator, laser ranging finder, antishock reinforcement pan tilt, accurate position.
    •  Daytime using 210mm,320mm,500mm,750mm lens, with 2 mega pixel CCD camera, detect distance 3-10km.
    •  Nighttime use 50mm, 75mm, 105mm, 155mm thermal imaging lens, 336X256,640X512 resolution UFPA detector, detect 13km at night.
    • NETD 50mk, higher than other cameras, obtain more delicate picture quality, little effect by rain and snow fog.
    • 3km, 5km, 10km distance laser ranging finder, 3m range accuracy, accurate positioning.
    • 20kg, 50kg anti-shock reinforcement heavy duty CNC pan tilt,  360 continuous rotation observation, no dead ends, smooth operation,
           image small dithering.
    • Full-reinforced structural design, super-strength stainless steel center bearing, multi-round reinforcement designed to meet military 
          vehicle environmental vibration, anti-shock requirements.
    • Housing using superior aluminum material, IP66 protection, antirain, antidust, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

    Military vehicle video command system, border and coastal patrol car video surveillance, police vehicle patrol video surveillance systems.
    Camera GRC laser camera, GTVC dual channel thermal camera
    Detection 10000m(2.3X2.3m object)
    Visible camera CCD 1/3'' CCD , 440000 pixel,600 TVL /2 mega pixel, HP1080P
    Spectral response 0.4~1.0um visible light, NIR
    Min. illumination 0.006lux
    Video standard PAL(NTSC)/H.264
    Color Color, B/W
    Lens 3.4~122.4mm,10~210mm,12~320mm,15~500mm,30~750mm HD lens, motorized focus/zoom, auto iris
    Thermal camera Sensor 336*256 or 640*512, 5th UFPA
    NETD NETD 50mk(@ 25o F1.0)
    Spectral response  7.5~14um
    Lens 75mm,105mm,155mm,F1.1, motorized zoom
    Imaging process Without TEC stable operating temperature, start up ≦4s.
    SDE digital image enhancement technology to enhance image detail,
    10 kinds of pseudo-color images and hot black hot white two polar images.
    2X, 4X digital zoom
    LRF(optional) Wave length 1.57um
    Detection 50m—10000m
    (max 15000m)
    Ranging Accuracy 3m
    Repetition frequency 10 cycles / minute
    Power supply DC24V
    Interface RS422 full duplex
    Laser illuminator(optional) Laser Power 6W, 8W, 10W, 15W
    wave length 808nm
    Lighting angle 0.3°~20°
    Laser homogenization GHT-II Laser homogenization
    Laser driving circuit Two constant current source
    Protection circuit 0.5s slow start control to prevent sudden peak current
    GPS(optional) Positioning accuracy 10m
    Time update cycle 1ms,100ms,200ms
    Time Accuracy 0.001s
    Baud rate 4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200
    Sensitivity detect-148dBm,tracking-165dBm
    Electronic compass (optional) Accuracy 1o
    Resolution 0.1o
    Range 0—360o
    PT and housing Housing Integrated multi-window, aluminum, with wiper, waterproof seal, IP66 protection class, dustproof and waterproof
    Internal control circuit pan, tilt, rotate( PWM drive), the lens zoom, focus, camera DC12V power supply, laser ranging finder high and stable power supply DC24V ± 1V, color to W/B aux command, preset function, the thermostat function.
    Load duty 30kg,50kg
    Angle   pan 360 continuous, tilt + 45 ° ~ -45 °,  PT azimuth display.
    Speed Pan 0.01~15°/S; tilt 0.01~15°/S
    Seismic reinforcement Super-strength stainless steel center bearings, with special damping base
    Others Interface 1*RJ45 network HD visible light video,
    1*PAL thermal imaging video,
    1* DC24V, 1*RS422
    Power supply DC24V±10%,50Hz,5A
    Ingress protection IP66
    Operational temp. -35℃~+65℃
    Weight 20kg -65kg(Based on specific configuration )

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